How to Buy IOTA with Credit Card and Debit Card

The easiest way to get IOTA with a credit or debit card is to obtain Bitcoin, then trade BTC/IOTA pairs on Binance.

Binance is one of the most reliable crypto to crypto exchanges currently trading IOTA.

How to Buy IOTA with Bank Transfer

Currently, it is not possible to directly acquire IOTA with your bank account. The easiest way to buy IOTA is to trade Bitcoin for IOTA on an exchange. Step-by-step below.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

There are several exchanges through which you can buy Bitcoin. Coinbase, Coinmama, or BitPanda are the easiest to use.

Coinbase is a very beginner friendly US based exchange, that sells cryptocurrency to most countries and all US states. To see if Coinbase supports your country, check this link!

Coinmama handles credit or debit card purchases. Coinmama is great because they have higher credit or debit card purchasing limits than Coinbase, as well as fast delivery of your funds.

Bitpanda. Bitpanda is an exchange that processes credit or debit card purchases. Their fees are slightly lower, but ONLY sells Bitcoin to residents of European Union (EU) countries. Coinbase is the most beginner friendly while Coinmama is great for credit or debit transactions as it has higher purchase limits and quick delivery. BitPanda is great (but it only works in Europe) and has a 5% fee on credit or debit purchases.

We will use Coinbase in this example. Also, if you purchase over $100 of Bitcoin through the following link, you will receive an extra $10 BTC for FREE! Create an account on Coinbase if you don’t have one already and then add your payment method.

After creating your Coinbase account, you need to add a payment method. If you are going for the route with the lowest fees, it is best to use a bank transfer. If timing is more important, use a credit or debit card, as this is much faster!

The Coinbase signup process takes time, but this is to ensure security for customers. Click the Buy/Sell tab on the top/middle of your screen. From this page, you can easily purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. All of these cryptocurrencies can be converted into IOTA on exchanges such as Binance, but for this tutorial we will use Bitcoin.

Fiat to Bitcoin Exchanges

Exchange Countries Fees
Coinbase USA 1.49% - Bank
Coinmama Mostly Everywhere 5.5% Credit/Debit
Bitpanda Europe ONLY 5% - Credit/Debit

Coinbasehome Coinbasehome

After hitting Confirm Buy, you are finished with this step! Next will be transferring the Bitcoin to a IOTA exchange. Also, at this point, we strongly suggest setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) on all exchanges. Two factor authentication combines two different verification methods to ensure the real user is trying to access the account.

Bitcoin to IOTA Exchanges

Exchange Countries Fees
Binance Everywhere .05%

Step 2: Transfer Bitcoin to Binance

Now you need to move bitcoin to an exchange that trades BTC/IOTA pairs. Binance is highly popular due to its intuitive interface and solid customer support. Click the send button on Coinbase as seen in red highlight in the picture below. You will be asked for the recipient’s wallet address. Enter your Binance Bitcoin address, which you can find by going to the “Funds” tab on the Binance navigation bar, then clicking “Balances”. Once on this screen, you will see a list of coins. Scroll down to Bitcoin, and hit the “Deposit” button. Copy the address that appears and paste into Coinbase. Click send on Coinbase, and wait about 30 minutes for your BTC to arrive in your Binance wallet for the IOTA altcoin.

Coinbasehome binance Binance Coinbasehome Coinbasehome

Step 3: Buy IOTA

Now, with the Bitcoin in your Binance account, go to the BTC/IOTA trading page and enter a percentage with which you are comfortable. You can look at the order book to get a sense of the current market rates. After your order is processed, you will see it in your IOTA wallet balance in Binance!


How to Buy IOTA with PayPal

Due to Paypal’s chargeback feature, buying IOTA with paypal requires more effort. The exchange VirWoX allows you to convert paypal balance into Bitcoin. Read our tutorial on this conversion. Once you have Bitcoin, you can send it to Binance just like example above.

Can I Buy IOTA on Coinbase?

Coinbase does not currently sell IOTA. If you want to buy IOTA, please follow the steps detailed above. You can trade Bitcoin for IOTA on Binance. If you don’t own any Bitcoin, use Coinbase to get started.

How to securely store IOTA

Install the offical IOTA wallet. Download the corresponding wallet for your device operating system.

Mac Installation Steps

Step 1: Drag the IOTA Wallet into your applications. IOTA

Step 2: Open the IOTA Wallet, by right clicking and selecting Open. This will help you get past the application not trusted pop-up. This is only becuase IOTA is not a trusted developer, but the application is considered safe to use.

Step 3: You will have the option to run a light or full node. For most users, light node is favorable as it does not require you to download the entire tangle. If you decide to run a full node, you will download the entire tangle, which requires your computer to have Java. It will then ask you to pick a host. (ex.


Step 4: Enter a Seed: an IOTA Seed is a unique passcode that will allow you to access your IOTA Wallet. Please keep this seed confidential. The IOTA Seed is 81 characters long, containing capital letters and the digit 9. You can create your own seed or use the website to generate one more quickly. At the bottom of, there are mnemonic words codifying the IOTA seed, save these words somewhere NOT on your computer, but somehwere else that is secure (piece of paper in a safe deposit box, for example). If you lose your seed it is possible to recover the wallet with this series of words.

Step 5: You can send or receive IOTA by clicking the corresponding buttons. If you want receive IOTA from someone, click receive to display your public address. When you click Send, you will see an option to add a prefix. These prefixes: i, Ki, Mi, Gi, and Ti - correspond to the amount of IOTA being sent. IOTA bought from an exchange is called MEGA IOTA. Here is a table explaining the prefixes.


These increase by orders of magnitude by powers of 10.

Teraiota Ti = 1,000,000,000,000

Gigaiota Gi = 1,000,000,000

Megaiota Mi = 1,000,000

Kiliiota Ki = 1,000

Iota i = 1

How to Mine IOTA

IOTA is one of the few cryptocurrencies in which there is no mining. This is because all of the IOTA that will ever exist, has alredy been created. IOTA has a built in deflationary mechanism, which means that as IOTA are lost the total supply decreases. If you want to help the network, you can do this by sending a transaction. Before your transaction goes through, your node must verify two other transactions first.

Can I buy IOTA in my Country?

If you can purchase Bitcoin, then you are able to purchase IOTA on an exchange such as Binance.

Why is 9 the Only Number in an IOTA Seed?

IOTA is written as a ternary system and uses 27 characters, which are the characters A-Z, and the number 9. The number 9 is used instead of 0 because 0 looks similar to the letter O.