How to Buy AdEx with Credit Card and Debit Card

There are two ways to buy AdEx with a credit or debit card. The first is to convert your currency into Bitcoin, and then converting Bitcoin into AdEx on an exchange like Binance. The second is to use Changelly which is more direct and allows you to control the private keys for your coins.

How to Buy AdEx with a Bank or Wire Transfer

There are two ways to buy AdEx with a bank transfer or wire. Adex is currently traded on BTC pairs and only listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance. In order to obtain it with a bank transfer, you will need to send Bitcoin bought via bank transfer to a cryptocurrency exchange where Adex is sold.

The other method uses the popular cryptocurrency exchange website Changelly. See explanations below.

Method 1 - USD/EUR -> BTC -> AdEx

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin

There are several exchanges through which you can buy Bitcoin. Coinbase, Coinmama, or BitPanda are the easiest to use.

Coinbase is a very beginner friendly US based exchange, that sells cryptocurrency to most countries and all US states. To see if Coinbase supports your country, check this link!

Coinmama handles credit or debit card purchases. Coinmama is great because they have higher credit or debit card purchasing limits than Coinbase, as well as fast delivery of your funds.

Bitpanda. Bitpanda is an exchange that processes credit or debit card purchases. Their fees are slightly lower, but ONLY sells Bitcoin to residents of European Union (EU) countries.

Coinbase is the most beginner friendly while Coinmama is great for credit or debit transactions as it has higher purchase limits and quick delivery. BitPanda is great (but it only works in Europe) and has a 5% fee on credit or debit purchases. We will use Coinbase in this example. Also, if you purchase over $100 of Bitcoin through the following link, you will receive an extra $10 BTC for FREE! Create an account on Coinbase if you don’t have one already and then add your payment method. Coinbases signup process may take some time, but this ensures security for customers. Click the Buy/Sell tab on the top/middle of your screen. From this page, you can easily purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. All of these cryptocurrencies can be converted into 0x on exchanges such as Binance, but for this tutorial we will use Bitcoin.

Fiat to Bitcoin Exchanges

Exchange Countries Fees
Coinbase USA 3.99% - Credit/Debit
Coinmama Mostly Everywhere 5.5% Credit/Debit
Changelly Mostly Everywhere 5% - Credit/Debit
Gemini US Only 5% - Credit/Debit

Coinbasehome Coinbasehome

After hitting Confirm Buy, you are finished with this step! Next will be transferring the Bitcoin to a 0x exchange. Also, at this point, we strongly suggest setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) on all exchanges. Two factor authentication combines two different verification methods to ensure the real user is trying to access the account.

Bitcoin to AdEx Exchanges

Exchange Countries Fees
Binance Everywhere .05%
Changelly Everywhere .5%
Bittrex Everywhere .25%

Step 2: Transfer your Bitcoin

Now you will need to move your Bitcoin to an exchange that has BTC/ADX pairs.

Binance is hugely popular due to its intuitive interface and solid customer support. Click the send button on Coinbase as seen in red highlight in the picture below. You will be asked for the recipient’s wallet address. Enter your Binance Bitcoin address, which you can find by going to the “Funds” tab on the Binance navigation bar, then clicking “Balances”. Once on this screen, you will see a list of coins. Scroll down to Bitcoin, and hit the “Deposit” button. Copy the address that appears and paste into Coinbase. Click send on Coinbase, and wait about 30 minutes for your BTC to arrive.

Coinbasehome binance Binance Coinbasehome Coinbasehome

Depending on the traffic on the Bitcoin network, your transfer may take 20 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer. This can be stressful but do not worry!

Step 3: Buy AdEx!

After your Bitcoin arrives, you will have a BTC balance with which to purchase AdEx. Go to the BTC/ADX trading page and enter a ratio with which you are comfortable. You can look at the order book to get a sense of the current rates. After your order is processed, you will see it in your AdEx wallet balance in Binance!


How to Buy AdEx with Changelly

Step 1: Create an account on Changelly. They have a relatively easy signup process and allow the use of Google, Twitter or Facebook logins to make the sign-up seamless.

Step 2: Upon creating an account, go to the main page as seen here, and use the conversion box to initiate an exchange. In this example, we are going to buy AdEx with USD.

Coinbasehome Coinbasehome Coinbasehome Coinbasehome

How to Buy AdEx with PayPal

Due to Paypal’s chargeback feature, buying AdEx with Paypal requires one extra step. The exchange VirWoX allows you to convert paypal balance into Bitcoin. Read our tutorial on this conversion. Once you have Bitcoin, you can send it to Binance as seen in the example above.

Can I Buy Adex on Coinbase?

Currently, Coinbase does not sell Adex. Rumors suggest that in early 2018 several new coins, including Adex, may be added to Coinbase. If you want to buy Adex, please follow the above steps. You can trade Bitcoin for Adex on Binance. If you don’t own any Bitcoin, use Coinbase to get started!

Step 4: How to securely store AdEx

Adex is an ERC20 coin that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, which means that it can be stored on myEtherWallet. Adex is also easily and securely stored on the highly popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S!

To start using myEtherWallet, you will need to come up with a secure password. Your password should be at least 9 characters long. After entering a password, click “create new wallet”. You will be taken to this screen where it asks to download a keystore file.

A keystore file is an encrypted private key, that gives you access to your funds. Please make a backup of this file, by storing another copy of it on a USB or other storage device. If you lose this, it is very difficult to recover your coins.

BuyAdex BuyAdex

After clicking “I understand” it will show you your unencrypted private key. If you prefer, you can print a paper wallet through the website. A paper wallet is a document that contains all the data necessary to access your cryptocurrency, usually containing QR Codes and your private keys.

Next, myEtherWallet will ask you how you would like to access your wallet. You will access the wallet using the newly-downloaded encrypted private key. Click “Keystore/JSON File”, and select the encrypted private key file you just downloaded. Press “unlock” and your public address will be displayed. This address is where you can send your ERC-20 Coins. ERC-20 Coins are any cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This includes coins such as 0x, Tron, and OmiseGo.

What is the Circulating Supply of Adex?

At the time of this writing, there is a circulating supply of approximately 60 million ADX. This will eventually reach a cap of 100,000,000 ADX.